IC Corporation is a group of companies who hold over 120 years of know-how and expertise from two different business streams.

Since 1896 has focused on International Commerce and Trade. As of 1995, and as a result of its broad experience and magnification, IC Corporation has been particularly active in the fields of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, and Management Services for large-scale projects in worldwide locations.


The company’s expansion around the globe allows having a rooted knowledge of the technical standards, laws, and regulations, taxes, financial entities, labor unions, and subcontractors in the regions where it operates.


IC Corporation has gained an international reputation for its technology and construction capability, consolidating its position locally and abroad by participating in various infrastructure projects, including electrical and FO submarine cabling, OPGW wire projects, compression and transport of natural gas, and other mid to megaprojects.

IC Corporation has the capability to proficiently complete high complexity projects, ranging from the early stages of design to the final execution, making sure that each project is taking care of the environment and the welfare of the surrounding communities.

As a responsible citizen enterprise, IC Corporation always puts the protection of the environment and life’s safety first. The company implements strict health, safety and security protection for employees, customers, partners, and the public as well.


Accountability, Integrity, Protection, Innovation, Excellence, Transparency, and Commitment.


To develop and execute projects, to do field research and consulting. 


We are set to be the world-leading company in the engineering, procurement and construction fields.

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