Sustainability is one of the most important concepts in the world in the present day.


According to the United Nations, sustainability takes place when the present needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our planet and all living creatures, including the human race, is facing significant environmental and economic challenges. Still, there are numerous remote communities around the globe who do not have access to basic services, such as potable water.

As a result, IC Corporation developed a comprehensive new business model named IC4S; a 100% equipped turnkey solution which contributes to the sustainable development of communities while encouraging a conscious use of natural resources.

IC4S Concept

The concept of “IC4S (IC for Sustainability)” focuses on self-sustainable systems and structures that do not depend on external suppliers to obtain basic utilities such as electric power, potable water, waste services, and internet connectivity. 


Our unique solutions line integrates eco-friendly materials, renewable energies, water and wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, and top-notch technologies. In addition to being fully equipped, the community also benefits with the creation of new jobs.

IC4S is a unique concept that covers a diverse spectrum of solutions to enhance the quality of life of communities.

Our Engineering experts have designed the following four solutions:​







IC4S-Health Center is a comprehensive solution that combines the aspects of design, construction, and all supplies and medical equipment required for medical centers to assist remote communities that are difficult to access.


The healthcare center can accommodate a variety of medical areas such as children and adult emergency care, obstetrics and gynecology, dental, imaging, wellness visits, triage and more while providing doctors and nurses to assist patients.  



IC4S-School encompasses the design and construction of schools in rural or areas that are difficult to access.

They are 100% equipped, built with eco-friendly materials, and ready to provide the solution needed.

The school can accommodate students from kindergarten to high school.

It provides different levels of education complying with the community needs and government norms.



IC4S-Water consists of the design, manufacture, and installation of a sustainable water treatment plant to provide potable water to communities for their daily consumption and hygiene.

Our line of Water Treatment Plants are custom and can provide up to 1 Million gallons of potable water per day, or more. 

The water plants are capable of treating all types of water feeds and are powered entirely by renewable energy.



IC4S-Farm entails a sustainable and fully automated farm in which different types of animals (chicken, turkey, rabbit, tilapia, and shrimp) can be raised in order to produce meat for commercial purposes. Renewable energy is used to power the farm. The farm also has a water treatment plant on-site and crops are sown and harvested on-site to mainly feed the farm animals and to supply the local market. The organic waste generated from the farm animals is recycled into their food chain. The residue from the harvest can also be included in the food chain and used as organic compost.



IC Corporation has acquired and pushed a series of LED Street Light products into the global market.

The HB-180 LED Street light imitates the shape of a seagull, exhibits fashionable design, excellent quality, high uniformity, a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours and environment protection. This versatile solution is receiving increasing interest and attention globally.

This luminaire is manufactured with fully recyclable aluminum castings and extrusions that help to protect our environment for years to come.

Energy efficiency is enhanced with optional dimming, programmable drivers, and outdoor control systems.


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