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This article recounts the powerful educational experience IC Corporation’s Regional Managers received this past February during the weeklong Management Skills and Business Strategies course. The objective of this program aims to elevate the managerial skills level of the participants. The session took place in Orlando, Florida, USA, from February 1st to the 6th.

Whereas every Manager can benefit from this course, it was determined that those representing the Dominican Republic, Panama, Spain, USA, and Venezuela, be the first group to participate in it.

Also, the Corporate Manager of the Engineering Department was invited to partake as all projects are intrinsically related to the department.

The Executives reported they found the course enriching and beneficial, both, personally and professionally. Quoting on the participant and Regional Manager Ms. Sheila Quintero, from the Panama Office: “The training provided the tools to become superior and altruistic leaders while reminding us of the basic principles to successfully reach the Corporation’s goals."

Among several relevant issues discussed during the six-day program, one of apparent concern raised by the executives referred to the Organization’s ability endorsing efficient management and leadership skills in modern times. The continuous technological innovation of the 21st century in combination with the Millennials Era. It was determined that the foundation for continued progress and success bestow upon our capacity as a whole, to readjust and to be flexible to the changes of an ever-evolving world.

During this educational week, the following four categories were thoroughly analyzed: Opportunities, Planning, Management, and Strategy. Some concepts served as reminders; but, many others were brand new and rather invigorating to each manager given that it generated a great deal of discussion and decisive debates. The latter was very productive as they were able to examine real scenarios, and, most importantly, to reach possible solutions.

Effective managers are catalysts, brokers, facilitators, coaches and people developers. Smart managers get the work done through people by asking them the sorts of questions that stimulate people to think and to draw solutions out of them.

We need to recognize that all employees can both lead and manage. Whenever you set an example by working harder or smarter, and others follow your example, you have shown leadership. Thus management and leadership are functions, which are like tools because anyone can use them.

Leadership works through influence, while management works through decisions and facilitation.

Management needs to be upgraded for the 21st century. It needs to cast off its negative image as mechanistic, controlling and task oriented. We need a concept of management that makes it nurturing, supportive, coaching and developmental. This is essential to divide the load between leadership and management more equally.

How we think about the industry and our competitors will determine our strategy and how we will compete within the industry.

Competitors move, customers’ needs and behaviors change, technology evolves. One crucial element to determine a future path is to predict these evolutions and trends and incorporate this thinking into the business strategy-building process.

In conclusion, the course was positive for all participants. We are convinced that the success of a company depends on its planning, clear goals, and the participation of each one of us across the organization. A company cannot have isolated parts or functions. For a company to succeed in its vision and mission, is essential to have all these elements successfully synchronized, and be sustainable at the same time.

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