Annual Kickoff Meeting (2018)

IC Corporation's annual Kick-Off took place in February with positive results and new objectives for the current year.

The company’s executives met in Orlando, Florida, to discuss business and to plan their objectives for the year ahead. Several important topics were discussed during this year’s meeting including strategic planning, sales strategies, and personell career development.

One important aspect for growth is to learn from one’s experience. 2017 brought many learning treats to corporate and sales managers. Two of the five days of the kickoff meeting were spent detailing and analyzing everything that went right and wrong during last year. Everyone shared what took place in their offices. From dealing with governments’ bureaucracy to shipping delays to hurricane disasters to the hassles of opening a new office to new contracts and partnerships. The outcome of this self-examination sprung great benefits. One of those benefits was the ability to learn from our mistakes as well as to commit to avoid them at all cost. Most importantly, the team was encouraged to apply these learnings to current and future business related ventures.

A well-structured strategic planning is paramount for the success of any company. As IC Corporation grows, the amount of duties and projects get bigger and more interesting. For this reason, the team of executives (hereafter “the team”) devoted a great deal of time and attention to this topic. The team members, one by one, exposed their business plan for 2018. Every single business deal and opportunity that took place in each office was thoroughly analyzed. Most importantly, and after intense brainstorming sessions, many resolutions and tactics came about, including several new business plans and methodologies catered to each office.

As IC Corporation creates and develops solutions and products, a strong business model needs to be followed. The kickoff meeting also served as a strong platform to develop specific sales strategies that would catalyze the company’s business performance and cash flow. Our corporate leaders provided an in depth description of the tools needed to succeed and how to proceed in the modern business era.

During the five days of intense brainstorming, the team was empowered to reach the sky, business wise. The team was encouraged to come up with ideas, to develop them using the business models described during the meeting, and put them into practice as soon as they get back to their offices. This approach empowered the team to become more proactive and to continue to develop a sense of belonging and leadership that will help them achieve all their office goals. At the end of the conclave, the team felt inspired and ready to embrace new business challenges.

As every year, the kick-off meeting was a success. Past experiences were analyzed, strategic plans and goals were set, and the team felt incredibly empowered to succeed in the business world. We cannot wait to next year’s meeting!

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