Annual Kickoff Meeting 2016

The Officers of the Corporation, the management team, and some of our business partners met for our annual Kickoff meeting from February 29, to March 2, 2016, in Orlando, Florida, USA. The purpose of the meeting was to review accomplishments of the previous year, define strategies and performance of the company, and establish goals for the year ahead.

The team discussed the growth and accomplishments of the company, short and long-term strategies, and approaches needed to strengthen and maintain its current operations. Also, the team discussed the relationship and accomplishments with our business partners worldwide.

The Officers expressed their thanks for the progress made across the company and outlined their expectations for the coming year. Also, they were excited about the projects identified and implemented worldwide.

A healthcare professional shared tips on the importance of having a healthy and balanced lifestyle and work life. Everyone embraced the opportunity and promised to follow the tips and seek ways to balance their personal and work-life.

The final activity of the Kickoff meeting was to recognize employees for work done above and beyond what is expected. Employee awards were announced for the categories of Best Administration Employee, Best Technician, Best Engineer, Best Manager, and Best Office for 2015. The new category of Most Improved Employee was added this year.

The meeting ended on a positive note with everyone re-energized and focused on the challenges for the year ahead.

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