Basic Electricity Principles - Virtual Training

Article by: Miguel Cuevas, Electric Engineer, Project Coordinator, Spain.

As part of the IC Corporation’s policy of developing top level professionals, an initiative was taken to train engineers and general staff on basic electricity principles.

This virtual training took place in December, and was attended by members of the USA, Panama and Spain offices. The syllabus was divided into three parts. First, definitions and concepts were reviewed. The basic concepts of energy, electricity and its main parameters (current, voltage, resistance and power) were explained. Second, more complex topics were addressed. For example, the differences between DC and alternating current, single-phase and three-phase systems, and the process of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy were the main topics of discussion. And finally, we talked about low-voltage electrical installations (residential and commercial) and explained the dangers and precautionary measures to be taken before handling electrical circuits.

The training, which lasted six hours in total, had a very good impact among the participants who showed a great deal of interest. Many questions arose and all kinds of doubts were clarified. But most importantly, we all acquired a great amount of knowledge on this topic. By being part of this training, the participants learned the basic concepts and parameters involving electricity. Additionally, we now have the tools necessary to face daily challenges regarding electrical issues.

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