Broadband Project

The fifth stage of the Broadband Transmission Network Project in South America has concluded. The project consisted of designing and implementing a network of interconnected fiber optic rings and video conference rooms nationwide.

At the final stage, about 500,000 meters of self-supporting ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) fiber optics were installed and buried underground (out door-under ground optical fiber), as well as 18 modern video conference rooms throughout the country.

Each macro phase was executed in 5 strategic stages (design, site survey, installation, monitoring & control and closing). Once the most optimum design was determined, IC CORPORATION was responsible for the installation of the fiber optics in 18 states throughout the country, ensuring the quality of the fiber system installed and, at the same time, certifying each kilometer of fiber with specialized and state of the art equipment, endorsed by the respective international certified institutes.

All our projects are turnkey-type. We ensure compliance with all required national and international standards such as the ITU (international telecommunication union), CEN (código eléctrico nacional, ansi/tia/eia), fulfilling the customer requirements. We are distinguished by offering a turnkey product of high level and state-of-the-art technology.

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