Annual Kickoff Meeting (2019)

And we’ve done it again! Another successful annual Kickoff meeting. Just as in the past, during the first month of the year, the President/CEO, senior executives, and regional managers gathered for a week-long-intense and brain-challenging meeting. Orlando, Florida was the host city and everyone loved it. Many were the matters discussed, reviewed, and compromised upon. This year’s conference lasted five consecutive days.

In the initial stages of the conclave time was spent reflecting on everything that was done, achieved and erred last year. One by one, all regional and corporate managers reported what their past year region's performance, operations, and results. Some offices had great success stories and others went through hardship on one or another business venture. By sharing their particular business experience everyone gained a great deal of knowledge. Besides business experience gained last year, the management team worked tirelessly to avoid working in silos. This type of integration was recognized during the meeting as a rather positive outcome in comparison to last years’ event. As a result, everyone agreed that all of this would help them overcome obstacles in the following year.

After this, the conference focused on current tasks and projects. 2018 brought about many projects that need to be worked upon on 2019.

Last but not least, the conference pivoted around the goals and future of IC Corporation in terms of commercial business ventures presented by the President/CEO.

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