Meeting with our partner KOCECO

IC Corporation headquarters hosted the President and CEO, Peter S. Ahn, Ph. D of Korea Ocean Engineering & Consultants Co., Ltd (KOCECO). The purpose of this visit aimed to strengthen the commercial ties between both Corporations.

KOCECO offers superior offshore/maritime engineering and consulting services including diving support for construction, inspection and salvage operation. Also, this Korean company is the most active and leading participant in offshore/diving industry by organized professional engineers and well-experienced divers with three (3) research/patrol/diving vessels. KOCECO has completed projects in submarine cables and pipelines, pollution control of the sea, underwater inspection and engineering, oceanographic observation and instrumentation.

Presidents of KOCECO and IC Corporation met to discuss potential large scale projects for the installation of submarine cables in the Latin-American region. During the visit, Dr. Ahn was introduced to the management staff of IC Corporation headquarters. It was a pleasure and an honor to host and greet the President and CEO of KOCECO.

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