Minority CEO Summit 2017 - Washington DC

“A call to the Private Sector of the U.S. to be Part of the Center of the Puerto Rican Recovery Effort.”

As you may have read in our last quarter article “Hurricane Season,” the countries in the Caribbean have been severely affected in 2017.

Since then, the USA Office has attended several conferences regarding the crisis in Puerto Rico, to discuss and learn what can be done, and to learn which federal entities to contact to be part of the reconstruction and recovery of the Puerto Rican communities. After the trip to New York last October, the USA Office was invited by the Minority Chamber of Commerce in late November, to attend the 16th edition Minority CEO Summit 2017 in Washington, DC to offer our IC4S solutions, and services expertise.

This annual event is typically held at the Key Bridge Marriott in Washington, DC. The three-day program is divided into several conference sessions, forum sessions, and one-on-one meetings. Each session has a separate and distinct target – but are all related to the theme of the event “A call to the Private Sector of the U.S. to be Part of the Center of the Puerto Rican Recovery Effort.”

The meetings were geared to bring together a diverse mix of high-ranking speakers to discuss specific issues of importance to entrepreneurs involved in the reconstruction effort of the island. Also, issues related to contracting development were discussed, including international trade, investments, donations, and hosting large-scale activities.

The inaugural plenary of the high-powered, three-day summit was presented through six forums and included networking sessions, a Gala Awards ceremony and dinner, and a tour of the White House – all of which are tailored to provide a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, create partnerships, and to take their passions to the next level to gain access to the $79 billion in U.S. support to Puerto Rico.

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