Reaching Out to the University of Central Florida

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

These words by Nelson Mandela ran through the presentation of the South African Conservation Class and were displayed by Burnett undergraduate Honor students at the University of Central Florida. Twenty female students are traveling to do volunteer work in South Africa. As part of their pre-travel preparation, they had to do a class presentation on the history of the country and the severe water crisis in Cape Town.

The Burnett Honor College is an academic program for the future achievement of UCF’s most academically talented undergraduate students, and also holds a Foundation in which is supported by prestigious profit and non-profit organizations who are directly involved and operate in Haiti, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, and South Africa. The undergraduate students travel to these countries to broaden their academic opportunities and fields of study such as medicine, environmental research, and biology.

We strongly believe that our IC4S solutions could be of interest for educational purposes to The University of Central Florida. Henceforth, we have been working closely with the Director of Advancement of the Burnett’s Honors College, Ms. Bridget Holt, to join forces in the pursuit of both educational and promotion of sustainable developments in the third world countries.

For this reason, the USA Office team was invited by Ms. Holt and by Dean Sheila Amin Gutierrez, to participate at the South African Conservation Class to speak about IC Corporation’s water treatment plant solution along with our sustainable school and medical center.

The presentation of the sustainable solutions was led by Regional Manager of North American Operations, Ingrid Freeland with the assistance of Project Coordinator and Environmental Engineer Daniel Ochoa, who is a specialist in the Water Treatment Plants, to clarify questions regarding environmental and technical aspects. Also, Executive Assistant Jose Heras, who is in charge of IC Cares Foundation, joined as well to later discuss with the Director and the Dean about future collaborative opportunities of both Foundations.

University of Central Florida

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