Sustainable Water Treatment Solution

Water is at the core of sustainable development. However, there is a problem that has come about in recent years, water scarcity. Water scarcity happens when the demand for water is greater than what is actually available. It is caused by overpopulation, pollution, climate change and inadequate infrastructure. Sadly, it is an issue that is constantly getting worse. For this reason, sustainable solutions are vital for the preservation of life.

The world’s population is increasing at an exacerbating rate, around 80 million people each year. This increases freshwater demand by 64 billion cubic meters annually producing a great stress on freshwater sources. If water consumption trend continues water scarcity will affect half of the world’s population by 2050. On top of that, toxic waste resulting from industrial, agriculture and cities pollute freshwater sources making it unsafe for ecosystems and human consumption. In addition, changes in precipitation patterns, due to climate change, cause extreme droughts around the globe.

One of the biggest problems takes place when water is available for consumption but there is inadequate or none infrastructure to acquire it. This is mainly due to lack of public and private investment, and proper technology. These infrastructures are vital for maintaining water channels, extracting, treating and transporting water in an efficient and proper manner. Smart use of water and sustainable technologies are crucial in the years ahead.

Containerized Water Treatment Plant (CWTP)

To alleviate water shortage in the world, IC Corporation has developed several top level solutions. We, at IC Corporation, believe in water preservation and sustainability. It consists of a containerized water treatment plant (CWTP) entirely powered by renewable energy. The main treatment process of the CWTP is Reverse Osmosis which is presently the most advanced, smart and effective water treatment technology. Reverse osmosis allows the treatment of all water feeds. Additionally, the CWTP is easy to transport, install, and requires low maintenance and simple civil work.

Our CWTP offers a great solution to help alleviate water scarcity. It can also be deployed in remote locations. It is a sustainable, efficient, versatile and practical solution of providing potable water to communities in need.

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