Training in Sustainable Technologies

IC Corporation has designed a concept of practical technological building solutions based on being self-supported and self-sustaining, named IC4S-X. This concept can be applied in schools and hospitals, among others. ​ These facilities are able to generate the necessary services for their operations without needing external suppliers.These solutions contribute to the fight against environmental impact, as well as profitability and job creation. The Corporation wants to materialize this concept and establish it as a product of its own, in order to commercialize it. These technological solutions are intended to be implemented in communities that lack basic services. However, the concept can be implemented anywhere.

“IC4S-X” is based on five blocks: energy, telecommunications, water and waste treatment, infrastructure and operational supplies. As part of the strategic plan designed to launch this product, a training was planned for the certification of our engineers with the different manufacturers in China.

The selected group was comprised of the following employees: (Venezuela) Miguel Cuevas, Kylmer Guevara, Luis Carrasco, Antonio Rodríguez, Freddy Diaz, Kinlay Cheng, Omar Perozo, José Gaspar; (China) Zhao Fei, Wu Yang, Liu Hongchi, Guo Yan, He Yan; (Spain) Francisco Bernal; (Panama) Giovanni Samudio; (Dominican Republic) Anthony Caguado.

Three weeks of intensive, complex and arduous training took the teams on a tour through the People’s Republic of China through 10 cities visiting 11 factories. The cities and factories were: Shanghái; Suzhou - Jiangsu Province; Taicang - Jiangsu Province; Ninghai - Zhejiang Province; Qingzhou - Shandong Province; Zhucheng- Shandong Province; Baoding - Hebei Province; Beijing; Guangzhou - Guangdong Province (Cantón); Shenzhen - Guangdong Province.The factories visited were: Hengtong Optic-Electric Co. Ltd. (third world-wide producer of electric cable and fiber optic); Jingye Engineering (steel classic profiles and structure); Zhejiang Twinsel Electronic Co. Ltd. (solar panels and LED lights); Shandong Innovation Huayi Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. (the President showed their products for septic systems and incinerators); Shandong Better Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. (septic systems and incinerators); Shangdong Sihai Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd. (water treatment and septic systems. The President presented certificate); Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. (one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels in the world); Guangzhou Kangyang Seawater Desalinization Equipment Co. Ltd. (The CEO conducted the presentation of the sea water desalinization system); Foshan Nanhai Yinghao Light Steel Structure Co. Ltd. (manufacturer of light steel profiles and modular panels); Guangzhou Yueshen Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. (leaders in specialized medical equipment); Sunsea Telecommunication Co. Ltd. (research and development in ICT infrastructure).

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